What is the material from which the products are made?

Cotton - The most common fiber in socks, naturally beautiful and soft to the body.

Polyamide - Synthetic fibers that are more elastic are polyester, low moisture absorption and heat resistant, but not as good as polyester.

Acrylic - Synthetic fiber that resembles a bit of wool but not its properties. Holds the shape and is color-resistant.

Polyester - Synthetic fiber, relatively strong fiber with low moisture absorption. Good elasticity and heat resistant.

Wool - is the most common natural fiber from the animal kingdom, wool has very good moisture absorption. and is both moldable and elastic. The wool fiber is heat insulating, wool also heats in wet conditions as moisture can not penetrate the fat fibers. The wool both breathes and heats. .

Bamboo - launched as the material of the future, environmentally friendly alternative. Bamboo is a natural and ecologically sustainable material. The material is very soft and breathable. Bamboo keeps your feet dry, very good absorbent and is good for sensitive feet. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, removing bad odor. 

Modal - is a synthetic fiber reminiscent of cotton but is a better environmental choice, the modal is soft, breathes and absorbs moisture.

Coolmax - is a moisture transporting material that ensures your feet are dry and fresh throughout your activity. The function itself lies in the fibers that transport moisture from the skin to the outside of the socks where it can evaporate.

Thermolite - quickly removes moisture and is highly heat-efficient. Thermolite is three times as hot as ordinary compact fiber. Warm and durable.