Compression Socks

Compression Socks can be what helps you not only cope with a day at work but also work out and have fun after work.
For activities in portrait, seated or long journeys by car, train or airplane, they not only counteract an unpleasant swelling of the legs , but also thrombosis, varicose veins, ETC.

Compression Socks need not be individually measured or adjusted and are also available without a prescription. Your shoe size provides information on which compression Socks are right for you.

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Here you will find the market's best range of fun, patterned. Colourful compression Socks .

What compression Socks have Sockis?

12-14 mmHg compression class Low
For those of you who do not need as high pressure in compression stockings.
can be used as a travel support sock in everyday speech travel socks.

15-22 mmHg Compression Class 1
The most common the compression Socks
Support Stockings In this class are used to improve circulation in the legs, at the first signs of chronically impaired blood circulation and to remove fluid accumulation in the legs. They also fit those who feel fatigue symptoms and swelling of the legs, or have incipient/minor varicose veins. These compression Socks improve blood circulation in the legs and help remove fluid accumulation in the legs.

Pregnant? Then this class is preferable!

These help to reduce fluid-filled bones during pregnancy.
More stability is needed for the growing stomach so use support throat pants for pregnant women.
as you can find HERE! !

23-32 mmHg compression Class 2
This compression class exerts effective pressure at the ankle. Ideal for severe varicose veins, swollen bones, swelling after blood clots, after healing of minor wounds, in venous complications during pregnancy.

More Fun Compression Socks

It wasn't long since compression Socks just went to buy at the pharmacy. There were not many colors and models to choose from. A pretty boring offering for anyone who needs "staves" we thought. Our goal is to have compression Socks that look like regular socks in different colors, with stripes and with dots. You can also find stylish compression Socks that look like a pair of nylon socks

In winter you can find our socks in wool if you are frozen. Or why not compression Socks in bamboo if you want a pair of really soft and comfortable compression Socks.