Support Stockings for everyone!

A common assumption is that Support Stockings are for the elderly and are natural in color. Traditional and ugly are they, real aunt warning in other words. You can't be more wrong about today's Support Stockings.
Now you can buy them in colorful, patterned with motif MM.

The same is that these are too old with swollen feet, which goes poorly and have varicose veins.

There is some truth to this, of course!
Support Stockings help against swollen bones by transporting away the fluid that arises in the feet and legs. If you have varicose veins prevent them from getting more and relieve the pain that arises in connection with varicose veins. BUT the stockings do not cause the varicose veins to go back, but prevent the emergence of more. Because in time you got to order Support Stockings.
Today there are so good Support Stockings that suit everyone. When ordering a pair, start from your foot size. If you have swelling, then measure your legs. According to our size guide at guide

Support Stockings and pregnant.

This is how the Support Stockings help keep the swelling of the legs away, then when the stomach starts to grow, then switch to support pantyhose for pregnant women. These help support the growing stomach, so everything is kept in place. This means that you do not have to feel like a hippo. We get many comments on this. But these actually help in the end stage of pregnancy.


Support Stockings during training

When it comes to training, these are referred to as compression socks with a Support Stockings is just a finer name. Compression stockings help with recovery after exercise and make the legs appear more vibrant, where by the name recovery stocking. Dear child has many names ????.

Support Stockings are available in different materials

The most common material is cotton. But now there are Support Stockings in bamboo! An exciting material. Except that it is a natural material. So the stump warms when it's cold and is cool when it's hot. At the same time, it takes up the foot jam (foot sweat in Skånska) so that the odor from the foot is reduced if you now have problems with this. ????. If you are looking for a little thin Support Stockings these are also in nylon, nylon is most commonly found in support pantyhose.