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Medical compression stockings
  • Medical compression stockings
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Medical compression stockings

Here you will find medical compression stockings that you have after surgery or in case of problems with severe varicose veins. Do you need real medical compression stockings after surgery or for use every day, these are for you

Medical compression stockings

These are of Class II. If greater compression is needed, you must contact a doctor to get a Class III medical compression stocking .

You know how it feels. Swollen legs and swollen feet. It's time to do something about this. With us, you will find medical compression stockings in class II with decreasing pressure that allows you to solve some of your problems yourself without contacting a doctor.
Several colors and patterns are available.

23-32 mmHg
40 grader, stryk/torktumla ej
90% Meryl Skinlife polyamid, 10% Lycra

You can make the product last longer by following the guidelines of how to wash and take care of them. You can see the wash advice in the tab for fact-sheet, and you can click here for the care-advice.


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