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Medical compression stockings
  • Medical compression stockings
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Medical compression stockings

Here you will find medical compression stockings or support stockings in compression class that meet the requirements for class 2 with a pressure of 23-32 mmHg.
Maybe you have venous insufficiency, or need medical compression stockings class 2 in connection with surgery.
Remember not to use these unless your doctor has advised you to use medical compression stockings with such a high pressure.
You can also find these compression stockings with the same pattern for swelling calves or varicose veins!

Medical compression stockings

For mild ailments such as swelling and fatigue and a feeling of heaviness, the support / compression socks in class 1 are usually sufficient.
If these support socks do not help, compression socks class 2 should be chosen.
It is manufactured with denser knitting and a guarantee that the specified pressure is also given to the customer, the compression treatment is optimal.
Medical compression stockings are the most common long-term treatment

23-32 mmHg
40 degrees, do not iron/tumble dry
90% Meryl Skinlife polyamid, 10% Lycra

You can make the product last longer by following the guidelines of how to wash and take care of them. You can see the wash advice in the tab for fact-sheet, and you can click here for the care-advice.


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