Ankle support socks
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10 €

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Ankle support socks

Which provides a comfortable support in everyday life and which counteracts swelling in the feet.
Perfect for those who sit, walk or stand a lot at work and during pregnancy.
The shorter shaft naturally has graded compression and a soft elastic that does not press or stagger.
Extra thin toe seam. Reinforced toe, heel and sole.

Ankle support socks do not go all the way up to the leg

These are perfect for you who do not need support for the whole leg, where only the feet are swollen. Therefore, there is no need for knee-high support socks.

16-18 mmHg
40 grader, stryk/torktumla ej
74% Cotton, 23% Polyamide, 3% Lycra

You can make the product last longer by following the guidelines of how to wash and take care of them. You can see the wash advice in the tab for fact-sheet, and you can click here for the care-advice.

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