Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings are an effective and easy way to relieve tired legs / feet, reduce swelling and prevent varicose veins. They help against swollen bones by transporting away the fluid that has emerged - by increasing blood circulation In addition to Compression Stockings to help prevent swelling, they also help reduce and relieve pain in varicose veins, reduce the heavy feeling in the legs during sedentary work and, in higher compression, also reduce the risk of blood clots when, for example, sitting on air travel.

Compression Stockings are socks that support the legs via pressure. The compression is available in different classes and explains how much pressure there is in the Compression Stockings. The pressure is stated in mmHg which stands for millimeters of mercury when it originally measured how much mercury rose in barometer increments at different pressures - this helps you to know how much pressure / compression a Compression Stockings has. The higher the mmHg, the higher the compression has the sock.

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