Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings are an effective and easy way to relieve tired legs / feet, reduce swelling and prevent varicose veins. They help against swollen bones by transporting away the fluid that has emerged - by increasing blood circulation In addition to Compression Stockings to help prevent swelling, they also help reduce and relieve pain in varicose veins, reduce the heavy feeling in the legs during sedentary work and, in higher compression, also reduce the risk of blood clots when, for example, sitting on air travel.

Compression Stockings are socks that support the legs via pressure. The compression is available in different classes and explains how much pressure there is in the Compression Stockings. The pressure is stated in mmHg which stands for millimeters of mercury when it originally measured how much mercury rose in barometer increments at different pressures - this helps you to know how much pressure / compression a Compression Stockings has. The higher the mmHg, the higher the compression has the sock.

Patterned and colorful Compression Stockings

We have a wide selection of both monochrome , neutral (eg black, white), colorful & patterned compression stockings.

Which compression pressure fits best

Low compression class - is 12-14 mmHg and fits very well as flight socks, where you get some support for the legs during the flight. Compression class 1 - is 15-22 mmHg and is the most common Compression Stockings and is used with advantage in the first signs of decreased blood circulation, fatigue symptoms and swelling of the legs. They can also be used for onset / minor varicose veins. These Compression Stockings help to improve blood circulation in the legs and thus reduce fluid retention in the legs. Compression class 2 - is 23-32 mmHg and provides effective pressure at the ankle. This Compression Stockings is well suited for severe varicose veins, swelling after blood clots, swollen bones in general, for venous complications during pregnancy, etc.

Size & dimensions of your compression stockings

In the past, you got to order compression socks, you don't have to do this today as there is instead a large selection of compression socks that suit everyone - in different colors / designs and in different sizes. When you order a pair of compression socks, you are assuming your foot size. If you have swelling in your leg, you can also measure it around it. You can get help with what size to choose by reading our size guide for Compression Stockings.

Compression socks - Another name for Compression Stockings?

Compression Stockings are also called compression socks, and are the same stocking. On the other hand, there is a difference between so-called medical compression socks and compression socks. Compression Stockings you can choose and use yourself for prevention and relief purposes. Medical compression socks, on the other hand, are a stocking prescribed by doctors.

Training in Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are mentioned when talking about stockings in training. Compression stockings, as mentioned, are the same as compression stockings, with a different name. When you use these socks when you work out, they help with the recovery after the workout and make your legs look faster - hence the nickname recovery socks.

Compression Stockings during pregnancy

Compression Stockings are comfortable and relaxing during pregnancy and help keep away swelling from the legs. As the stomach begins to grow, you can switch to support pantyhose for pregnant that we also have with us. Pantyhose help to support the abdomen and help even out to the end of pregnancy. It is advisable to start early in pregnancy with these to maximize the beneficial effect.

Preventing varicose veins with Compression Stockings

If you have varicose veins you can prevent more from these and also relieve the evil from this by a pair of Compression Stockings. On the other hand, it is not possible to make the varicose veins go back via Compression Stockings - just prevent the emergence of more. Therefore, it is good to start using these as early as possible in signs of varicose veins, for example at the beginning of a pregnancy to prevent the occurrence of possible varicose veins.

Compression Stockings material

Compression Stockings are available in different materials, the most common being Compression Stockings made of cotton and is a convenient material. There are also bamboo Compression Stockings - an exciting and new kind of material. In addition to bamboo being a natural material, it also balances temperatures - when your feet are warm they become colder and when your feet are cold they get warmer. They also help to transport foot sweat and reduce the odor from it. Compression stockings are also available in , which are slightly thinner support socks and are most commonly found in Compression Stockings. If you are a bit frozen, we also have Compression Stockings in wool .

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