Compression Stockings wide calves

Our experience of people with wide calves is that they would like to have Compression Stockings with zippers.
Unfortunately, Compression Stockings with zippers do not work so well the zippers break easily. Then it is better to buy Compression Stockings for wide calves.
These are adapted to fit when the calf is larger than normal. Now of course they do not fit if your calves are gigantic but it is worth a try.

To think about is to saturate the calf when you get up in the morning! Then it is IMPORTANT to put on the Compression Stockings before the day's activities begin, So put on the Compression Stockings before you put on the coffee. Otherwise it becomes a problem to get on the support stockings when the legs have started to swell, Which they do as soon as you get up and start moving.
So for those of you with wide calves, put on support stockings the first thing you do when you wake up

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